Pests are very annoying.


  • Nothing. See a rat, and you're screwed. D:


  • Imagine them in their underwear. They'll be too embaressed to come back! :)


  • Paint your wood as bacon, so they won't notice.
  • Dress up as Hannah Montana, and they'll run away forever.
  • Tell them they can go eat better wood at your enemies house! :D


  • Don't. They eventually die and everything's back to normal! :)
    • The reason you want them there in the first place is because they also hide orange juice in your basement!
      • But drink it up before it goes back to normal in 12 seconds! D:

Sea BearsEdit

  • Draw a Sea Bear circle

Sea RhinosaurausesEdit

  • Wear your anti-sea-rhinosauraus-under-garments.


  • Eat pizza.

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