Pizza Polo(alias is Chuck Norris) was born in an mudpit with his warty mother. He approved of the mud and said "I APWOOOV". When he grew up, Polo remembered his childhood and came up with a corny joke: "I Approve". He goes around on YouTube and posts his approve joke on deadmau5 videos, Smosh videos, music videos, and more. His famous joke got him into the game World of Warcraft, thus creating him the "Secondary God", as said by YouTubers. Then he was forced to become a movie actor by Disney because his Approve joke was so famous. So he starred in hit movies. After 10 years of this nonsense, there was an ad on YouTube for clothingbleach, and at the end they said it was Chuck Norris Approved.

Chuck's birth name Pizza Polo was long gone and he was mostly known as Chuck Norris.

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